Stanz the Man-hattan

We just visited Stanz Cafe, a small restaurant in Grand Haven, Michigan known for a menu that features both Polish and Cajun cuisine.  Yes, Polish and Cajun.  It’s an unusual combination but they have no trouble making it work.  While we were there, we got the chance try to one of their great appetizers, Kielbasa Bites.


These are breaded kielbasa meatballs that have been flash fried just before being served with a horseradish dipping sauce.  The sauce has a milder flavor and could easily be served with any number of appetizers.

Venturing to the other side of the menu we tried a Cajun Bloody Mary, one of the cafe’s signature cocktails.  Stanz uses a house made mix which gives this drink a great classic taste…with a Cajun personality.  A garnish of olives, pickles, and Hotshot jerky top the drink off nicely.


One of our tasters prefers to stay away from the spicy side so we also ordered a Purple Haze (pictured right).  Another one of the cafe’s signature cocktails, Purple Haze is a complete turn around from the Cajun Bloody Mary.  It’s a much sweeter drink made with Stoli, Chambord, Triple Sec, and various fruit juices.

Our group also tried the signature East Town Manhattan (bottom right) made with Makers Mark.  If you like Manhattans, you will not be disappointed, but the overall favorite of the evening was the German Chocolate Cake Martini (bottom left) made with Creme de Cacao and Frangelico.  It’s everything you would expect from something named after chocolate, and it has a very artistic presentation.*


*As always, we encourage responsible drinking.  Enjoy life!  Be Safe!


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